Naomi and Barney Silverman Family of the Year Award
The Jones Family

The Jones Family
David, Meghan and Murphy

Six years ago on December 30th, four-year-old Murphy and her dad, David, were snuggled on the couch enjoying a movie before dozing off for the evening. At four in the morning, Dave was awoken by Murphy in the midst of her first seizure. Over the next hour or so Murphy would experience her first three Tonic-Clonic seizures sending the Joneses on their new journey with epilepsy. Within a few days they would all meet a man that would change their lives. Dr. Louis Manganas at Stony Brook Neurology explained the new diagnosis as clearly as he could, but he said to find answers to all their questions they should call someone over at the Epilepsy Foundation. A day later Meghan was on the phone with Janet Romeo, EPIC Long Island’s Community Education Coordinator, and the connection was made.

In the years that followed the Jones family formed an organization named “Murphy’s Heroes.” Their goal as advocates is to educate their community and raise funds for programs they themselves have benefited from. They have become active at local and National walks, and even host an annual “Murphy’s Heroes EPIC Pub Crawl for Epilepsy” every fall. Their advocacy began with a phone call and a question, and has transformed into a passion. The most passionate of all has to be the now 10-year-old Murphy. She has blossomed into a compassionate advocate. She is constantly pushing to further educate her community, and she is helping to give a face to others like her that may be misunderstood, or forgotten.

EPIC Long Island is honored to present the Jones Family with the 2019 Naomi & Barney Silverman Family of the Year award.