Friday, February 28, 2020
Cocktails at 6:00pm | Dinner at 7:00pm
Garden City Hotel | 45 7th St., Garden City, NY
Cocktail Attire

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Professional Leadership Award
Jacqueline A. French, MD
Professor of Neurology
Comprehensive Epilepsy Center
NYU Langone School of Medicine
Chief Medical/Innovation Officer, Epilepsy Foundation

The Naomi and Barney Silverman Family of the Year Award
The Schmidt Family
Marla, Madison and Orrin

Corporate Leadership Award
Matthew G. Deckinger
MGD Consulting Inc

South Shore Child Guidance Center Community Service Award
Detective Patrick Franzone
Freeport Police Department


As we begin 2020 – a leap year, a new decade and the year of perfect vision – the EPIC Long Island family has embraced the need to think strategically, grow services, and use smart risks to advance our mission. We are grateful and excited to have you as our guest for our 35th Annual Dinner Gala highlighting all the promise of this exciting New Year. We are delighted that you have chosen to join us Leaping into 2020: Our Perfect Vision for the Future.

Our event this year is truly a celebration of the individuals who have helped to propel our mission and vision while serving the broader community. Each of our honorees this evening has followed their passion and commitment to service, creating a ripple effect that has touched our agency and many others along the way. All of us at EPIC Long Island, the Epilepsy Foundation of Long Island and South Shore Child Guidance Center are honored to recognize these individuals that lead by example and have included us in the multitude of men, women and children and organizations impacted through their efforts.

Please know that this year, and every year, our perfect vision for the future includes you – our gala guests, friends, donors, family members, vendors and everyone in our community. Without you, our vision is a dream. With you, our vision is a partnership that will drive the future of our mission.